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Charles Meeker, former Raleigh Mayor 

"Todd and I worked together when I was mayor on affordable housing and inclusion. He’s smart, hardworking, and dedicated to building a better Raleigh. He will be a strong advocate for District D, my home district and former council seat."

Lorrin Freeman, Wake County District Attorney

“I’ve known Todd for more than 20 years and saw his leadership ability on issues of diversity and inclusion when we served together on the Raleigh Human Relations Commission. We share a commitment to building a better Raleigh where every member of our community feels safe and can pursue their dreams.” 

Nancy McFarlane, former Raleigh Mayor 

"Todd Kennedy cares about all of Raleigh. His focus on well-planned growth, community safety, and strong resources speak to all of us. He understands that we love our parks, from our community parks to Dix Park, which will be a crown jewel for our city. He is the leader we need for District D and the city."

Eugene Weeks, former Raleigh City Councilor

“Todd has a long track record as a leader in our community, serving selflessly on city boards and commissions and working with vital community organizations on inclusion, housing, and the environment. I’m proud to endorse him for City Council District D.” 
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Muslim American Public Affairs Council of NC

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